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Roxelana True Make Up Time

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  • Roxelana True Make Up Time

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    Roxelana True Make Up Time You’re acting like he’s some king of the world. He is. He owns like percent of Europe. He’s the percent of the percent, all right? Just don’t wear the high hat. Take my lead. Hey. Get the out of the way. Play it again. Okay Please. Do I know you? That sound. What was that sound? Hey, pal. Look, pal, party’s over. Take a walk. Play it again! I can’t. Hey! Take a walk. No, no, no. It’s not from you. You’re empty. You’re an empty shell. You’re nothing! Okay, congratulations. Thank you. Trick or treat. Byebye. Let’s go. Game face. Think big. Come on. Ah. There he is. Bix the Bug. Ha, ha. I’m Gordon Shafer. Congratulations. Today you’re being offered an opportunity to matter, to amount to something. Really? I could use a drink. Help yourself, yes. You were saying? I should very much like to have possession of your Teslascope. What will it take? Name your price. Okay, hold on. Wait. Danny, did you not tell him? Tell him what? It’s a prop. B, he’s making an offer. It’s a glorified synthesizer. It just makes sound vibrations. You don’t know what you have, do you? This is precisely why it belongs in my hands, not yours. You lack the moral authority. When you look into the eyes of your fellow man, what do you see, hmm? Just your own reflection? Or do you sense a connection to something higher? The Teslascope has the capacity to ignite a fire around which the world might gather for warmth and illumination, for connection. Well, Gordy Can I call you Gordy? Is that all right? To answer your question, no, it’s not for sale. I’m still using it. For what purpose? To make music. You’re like a little boy, aren’t you? You’ve stumbled upon a precious, sacred artifact, and you’re using it like a toy rattle to make noise. We’re done here. You’re out of your depth, Mr. Bug. On the wind come others, less kind and less inclined to offer fair compensation. Did you know, for example, that at this very moment, U.S. Department of Defense was monitoring your movements? Bullshit. You think so? He’s in a mood, Mr. Shafer. I’ll talk to him. We’ll discuss it.

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