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Romantic Walk

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  • Romantic Walk

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    Romantic Walk Description

    OhDress Up Game over there. She’s beautiful. Thanks. No, I mean, she’s lovely. A real princess. Looks like they’re friends already. Hmm? Oh, the boy, he’s mine. Yeah? Yeah. Games Hmm. Games Oh! Games I have a littleDress Up Game Games Here. Thanks. It’s humid today. I don’t really mind it, though. Oh, thank you. Games You okay? Games Yeah. Has she met all the princesses yet? She has indeed. Don’t you think it’s strange? The princesses? Pretending to be someone else, hugging all these kids. UmDress Up Game yeah, I guess. I wonder what age we stop wanting to do that. Hug a perfect stranger. I suppose they aren’t really strangers now, are they? Everything alright? What? Oh, I’m sorry, IDress Up Game Oh, your necklaceDress Up Game you’re necklace. I meant your necklace, sorry. You like it? Yeah, it’s uhDress Up Game It’s umDress Up Game It’s what? I dunno, there’s justDress Up Game something about it thoughDress Up Game It’s an heirloom from another time. YeahDress Up Game wowDress Up Game Ow. Fuck me. Feel my vagina. What theDress Up Game wait a minuteDress Up Game I think you found my hidden Mickey! Hysterectomy. Huh? Sorry, IDress Up Game Games Oh god, here it comes again! Games Oh! Games Help! Games Shhh! You’ll wake the kids! Sara? Oh here, let me help you. Oh, you like that, don’t you? Oh! Ooooh! You’re incredible! Can you believe it? They call this the presidential suite. What a joke. Ooooh. You’re welcome to stay a while. My husband won’t be back ’til later. No, I think I better get goingDress Up Game Fuck. You know the princesses? They’re highGamespriced courtesans. What? Rich Asian businessmen now pay thousands for one in costume. You don’t believe me?

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