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Romantic Walk Time

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  • Romantic Walk Time

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    you want to talk to my wife. She’s the one balances the checkbook at our house. AGENTS LAUGHING Next slide. THREE-PIECE COMBO PLAYS SOFT JAZZ Daddy! CHUCKLING My son, the birdman. Some uniform, Frank. What do you think? Nice. Sit down. CLEARS THROAT So, Dad game Daddy, have you gotten the postcards? Of course. This fork is ice cold. No, no, Dad, th-that’s a chilled salad fork. WHISPERING It’s a fancy restaurant, you know. SIGHING Well, here game I-I got you something. What’s that? Open it. You know what those are, right? Those are the keys to a Cadillac DeVille convertible. Brand-new, Dad. Red with white interior split seats, air conditioning, the works. Are you giving me a Cadillac? Yeah. I’m giving you a Cadillac. Dad, sh-she’s parked downstairs. When we’re done eating lunch why don’t you, you know, drive on over to Mom’s house pick her up, take a little joyride? Do you know what would happen if the IRS found out I was driving around in a new coupe? I took the train here, Frank. I’m taking the train home. All right. I have plenty of money. You know, if you ever, ever need anything game You worried? About me? No, I’m not game I’m not worried. You think I can’t buy my own car? Two mice fell in a bucket of cream, Frank. Which one am I? You’re that second mouse. I went by the store today. I had to close the store for awhile. It’s all about timing, Frank. The goddamn government knows that. They hit you when you’re down. I wasn’t going to let them take it from me, so I just game shut the doors myself, called their bluff. Sooner or later, they’ll forget about me. I understand, I game Have you told Ma? She’s so stubborn, your mother. Don’t worry. I’m not going to let her go without a fight. I been fighting for us game GASPS QUIETLY Dad? Since the day we game we met. Daddy, out of all those men you were the one that took her home, remember that. men, sitting in that tiny social hall watching her dance. What was the name of that town? Montrichard, Dad. Yeah. I didn’t speak a word of French and

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