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Romantic Valentine’s Super Day

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  • Romantic Valentine’s Super Day

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    Romantic Valentine’s Super Day Description

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    Almost time for dinner. Great, can’t wait. Xiaowu, who are they? What is going on? Still alive. Surely costly. Come, come, come. Sit, sit, sit Two solutions. First be pregnant for nine months. You’ll give birth Games sooner or later. Impossible! A man gives birth? Just let me die. Are you sure? I’m a man! I’d rather die than give birth! What a man! Bite this. Why? Simply make a cut here Games and take it out. This is the second solution. If you cut it this way, will it be painful? I’ll cut fast with my sword. Painless. No pain. .. but will I die? Hard to tell. I’ll be gentle. Forget it I’d better keep it. Aren’t you a man? I’ll be one after giving birth. Trade in a monster inside a human. Good business. Then don’t complain anymore. Cripple, put me down. You;re trapped. I’ll go to find help. Just wait for me here. Don’t let me get you. or I’ll kill you for sure. Gouge out your eyes. cut off your tongue! You cripple! Why so quiet? Xiaowu. Who is it? It’s Tianyin. Open the door. Lots of strangers came today. They caught all the villagers. Only you and me Games are left. Don’t worry. Let me come in first Mayor. Who are you? It’s me. Xiaowu. I look different Games but I’m really Xiaowu. Mayor, you must save us. Your dad promised to protect us. You said.. I’m your best friend. Are there any others hiding here? Weng ba zha hu lu hu lu. This is ridiculous. The whole village is full of monsters. It seems that Song Daitian Games tried to secretly protect you. We did nothing wrong. We didn’t hurt people. We’re all vegetarian. It proves that Mr Song is right, humans and monsters can live together! As a former first-tier palace guard from the Monster Hunter Bureau, Song Daitian complied in public but opposed in private, which is a capital treason offense. We are not the problems. We just want to live peacefully. We’re not planning to disturb anyone. Why can’t you give us a chance? I won’t argue with you. What I want is the monster queen Games and the baby she carries. Who wants to tell me.. in exchange for freedom?

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