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Romantic Super Day

Romantic Super Day


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Romantic Super Day Description

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nd that is to perform, to win. And he had that. NARRATOR: For years, an a most forgotten airport has echo to the fury of cars and speed. MAN: Sebring was as c ose as you get to the brother of e Mans. If you’re ever going to get a taste of what it’s ike to be in an endurance race, this is it. WOMAN: Just a week before, he had broken his foot in the motorcyc e race. And I said, you better not do this. He said, no. He said, I can do it, I can do it. INTERVIEWER: What about shifting and c utching? Must be pretty difficu t. We , it’s a itt e difficu t. I can’t use a foot rest. And we’ve put some sandpaper on the bottom, tap it on, so I keep it on the c utch peda , adjust it. We went for it. It was ike a Ho ywood script. COMMENTATOR: A surprise to most of the , who ook on was the McQueen Revson Porsche. The two have done a Masterfu job. WOMAN: What was incredib e about that race is sudden y, they were winning. COMMENTATOR: With this combination, Sebring cou d have a storybook finish. Approaching the th hour, the Porsche c oses the gap on the fa tering Ferrari. The McQueen pits were overjoyed, thinking the Ferrari was in troub e. And out of the darkness, one car wou d emerge the victor. MAN: It took Mario Andretti two cars to beat us and on y pass us on the ast aps of the race. COMMENTATOR: The hours of Sebring was over, and Ferrari had won. McQueen Revson was second. [Cheering] We were mobb at the end of the race. Steve gets up on the car and gives the peace signa. And it was ike Moses part the waters or God appear in the sky. Si ence. That was my biggest thri , for me, because I guess being an actor, peop e don’t rea y expect you to do it as we , and I was a big man of my house with my kids for awhi e, anyway. That was a major, major happy time in his ife. I remember when he came home. Yeah. He was in a good mood for about a month after that. MAN: After the Sebing Race, he wasn’t ook at just ike, oh, he’s the actor, superstar, Steve McQueen. He was admir by the other drivers as a rea , professiona racer. MAN:

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