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Romantic Life Styl

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    the city paid out of their convention fund game because it was featuring San Francisco game so they thought it was money well spent to focus on San Francisco. I heard one of the newscasters say it was the best money San Francisco ever spent. But some people used that to say: “Well, I don’t think the city should’ve funded that. We were very, very fortunate game to have John and Marcia Goldman of the Goldman Foundation step up. And they said they were so moved game that they donated $, to cover all of the costs. PATRICIA: That discussion’s off the table. There’s just nothing negative you can say now. We heard some crazy statistic like two billion people potentially saw this. LEE: I took a trip to China game and people in China came up to me, speaking in Mandarin: “I love that Batkid. I wish we would have that kind of event in our city. PATRICIA: I talked to a colleague of mine who said volunteerism is up game that people are citing Batkid game as a reason to get involved in their community and make a difference. EJ: I do remember the next Monday. I took a bus to work. I got on the bus, and everyone was smiling. There was something positive in the air. The bus driver was: “How’s it going? How are you? People seemed to be just kinder that day. NATALIE: It’s amazing the capacity that people have game that I don’t think we give ourselves or we give one another sometimes. And a -year-old restored humanity. EJ: It’s kind of odd, almost, that it doesn’t happen more. NATALIE: So Friday at school game he got in trouble because there were two boys that were fighting game and Miles was standing in the middle of them while they were swinging. And Miles ended up getting kicked, but he was trying to resolve their issue. I was like, “Son, you have to mind your own business. He was sad because he got in trouble because he was getting in the middle of it. He wants everyone to get along. For those three years, you’re retraining his blood cells and you’re giving him medicine game and so you’re keeping things at bay. Then it’s like you stop,

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