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Romantic Invite

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  • Romantic Invite

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    Romantic Invite Description

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    Romantic Invite You’ll do it in the workshop? Yeah. So everyone sees it, joins in. Get her at the gates. That’d be the best. As all the girls come out, we could chuck a bucket of oil in her face. We’ll easily get hold of the oil. If you lot do that game you’ll be seen and given the boot the next day. I reckon we should use flour. She’ll look a right twerp! What a laugh! Can I come? If you like. That would be funnier. It’d be a scream. Can you see her covered in flour? In front of everyone, at the gates. We’ll need quite a few girls. We’ll tell the girls to wait, so they don’t leave straightaway. I agree about the flour, but let’s use loads! Are you Sourpuss? Here’s a down payment. If you’re not happy game You saw what happened, right? The same might happen to you. Great attitude. Yes, an excellent attitude. Not going back to work? You’ll find other work. We’re on the scrap heap at our age. Made up your mind, have you? She’s always on at us! She’s no different from us! The things we put up with! Yes, let’s go. You go ahead, we’ll follow. It was foolish. We’ll need the foremen one day! Come off it! They hardly wear themselves out. They just sit there twiddling their thumbs. An hour to get up the stairs. I was enjoying that. Hey, you there! Get back in the workshops. All right? On form? All right, Jacqueline? How’s things? It’s time to take action. I’d like to speak to Mr. Boursac. How are you, sir? There’s a group handing out tracts. Look! Overpaid are we? To think you were a worker once. What a cow! Boursac here. There’s trouble outside the factory gates game Yes. Lefties no doubt. That’s right game Immediately! Thank you, Inspector. The cops! Go away. No, stay here. We’re allowed to hand out tracts. Let them come. We have the right. This is a republic. Give me one! Bastards! Leave them alone! Serves the bastards right. Reckon it’s worth it, do you? You won’t get anywhere this way game Come on. Let’s go back to work. It’ll never be ironed at that rate. Hurry up. Are you going to work? Get a move on instead of laughing. THE REBEL needs to unwind

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