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Romantic Day

Romantic Day


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Romantic Day Description

all these older women who have more wrinkles than one can remove! It’s just impossible. They should just let go. Dress Up Games Village in da house tonight! Everyone’s mad! Income tax,Romantic Day land tax Dress Up Games They do nothing but tax us, it’s insane! Politicians are the real criminals! Come on, D.J., pump it up! For all who get on my nerves: get off my face! Year , undetectable mindcontrol, The fabric of authority, ruined by laws, Taxes, retirement, social security I don’t have a single penny anymore! Tax is deducted at source, What the Dress Up Games is that Dress Up Games ? As soon as the source runs dry, I’ll have nothing to draw anymore! I prefer not to think about that. Money! Money! Money! The rich have everything, How much do they weigh? Religion, politics, business! They are all the same! The more they stuff themselves, The more money they get! It’s too late to tell oneself: I’ll scrape by Generation The Japanese Easy Rider Casual worker, be proud! Eliminate skyscrapers! Who is Dress Up Games , We or them? They say: ‘I know, But I can’t change it!’ As soon as I start, No one can stop me! The fuse is lit, everything’s going to blow up! You want to fool the people? I’ll spill gas on you! I’ll destroy the future, put a bullet in it! Listen to my flow, pump up the volume! Live on stage We can settle everything! Rebel! Rebel! Rebel! Don’t mess with me! Politician, don’t mess with me! Japanese, don’t mess with me! Move it! Tonight was awesome, but no one could hear the lyrics. Those clowns only want to go wild. It didn’t start yesterday. For them, it doesn’t matter what someone says. You were dope today! No matter what someone says! He’s really into it. Anyway, Dress Up Games Dress Up Games Let’s get a move on Dress Up Games Hey, hang on! What’s wrong with him? Where should we go now?Romantic Day To another club. Cool! It’s run by a Dress Up Games guy. I’m sick of that! Always asleep, Always rootless, Always going with the flow. If you don’t do anything,Romantic Day Luxury isn’t for you, Dumbass! There’s no gasoline left, You idiot Your car is driven by us, you Romantic Day Dress Up Games.

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