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Romantic Dance

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  • Romantic Dance

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    Romantic Dance Description

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    Romantic Dance The one in the tiger skin. Ohh, Mabel. Well Game Well, go out there and get her, Sharky. She knows us. Go ahead. Oh, she’ll love you. You’re cute. bucks? Listen, I’m a trained professional. I demand a decent wage. Honey, I wouldn’t give you bucks to do anything. I would. Hey, she’s yours. Sold Game to the man with the smiling eyes. Sharky. Narcotics Game uh Game Vice. You in’ lowlife creep. Mmhmm. What happened to the smiling eyes? May you go blind. And may your prick wither and fall off, you Nazi bastard. What’s your first name? Ahem Uh, Rachel. Rachel Game what? Um, you just better go ahead and make it Ralph. Rachel Ralph? Just Game just Ralph. Ralph. However, I’ll tell you something Game Just give me your name, OK? Trixie Dumbaugh. Can you spell it? Trixie? As in tricks? You want us on the corner or in the unemployment line? I’m new here, Mabel. This is my first night. Give me a break, huh? On the corner we cost the taxpayers nothing. Attitude. Lay it on him, baby. Lot a pleasure for a little bit of hardearned coin. Jackson, wanna put the lady in the cage, please? Why? Why this political ist persecution? Prosecution. Why? Get your hands off of her, shitforbrains. Get your hands off her. Where’s he going? He’s going free, right? Why? Because he’s protected by the man. He’s the man’s favorite pimp. He’s safe, with his $,anight, thoroughbred imported Game No. My God. He’ll kill me. Percy. I’m sorry. Hey. I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it. Oh, God, I swear I didn’t mean it. I didn’t mean it. Who was that guy? Percy Sinclair. He’s a bigtime pimp. If Mabel ever made $, in one night, it’d break her back. You better know it. She said the man. What man? Sinclair left his money here. He left his address book, too. No, shit, Sherlock. Got names in here. I copied them down. You did what? I copied them down. You copied them down? Yeah. For what? Listen, a $,anight hooker never sees the inside of this place, you know? But I do happen to have here in my trusty pocket, the list. Huh. Sharky. Yeah. The lawyer’s gonna be down here in a minute.

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