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Rockstar Makeover 4

Rockstar Makeover 4


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Rockstar Makeover 4 Description

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Rockstar Makeover 4 made love for four months? It does. But I know we’ll do it again. Hello. I’m here because Juliette and I saw Dumont. He’s agreed to a new ballot Monday. JeanMarc in?uenced the vote by saying stuff to people to scare them. I wanted What did he say? That Dumont wanted to lay off staff. If it wasn’t me, it’d be someone else. Who did he say that to? Three or four people at least I don’t know who but Juliette does. She knows everything, that one. I wanted to ask if you’d vote on Monday for me to stay. What do the others say? Juliette, Robert, Kader and Timur will vote for me to stay. I still have eight to see, you two included. Maybe JeanMarc called you to tell you I couldn’t work like before after my depression. It’s not true. I’m in shape. I don’t want you laid off but my bonus is a lot of money. I know. I didn’t force this decision on you. I just want to work and earn my salary. We need it at home to live. We worked for that bonus! I know. Why’d we give it to you? She never said that. Why wouldn’t we get our money? We can talk. No, we worked for it! How dare you steal our dough? Shut up. No way. Piss off! Get in! ‘Non I saw some maniac tear off. What happened? I’ll get the water. Sir Pourit over his head. Can you see my hand? How many fingers? Three. Wno’s this? I’m her husband. You can count on me Monday. I caused that fight. Calm down. I tell you I’m fed up but you ignore me. You don’t realize! I caused thatviolence. I can’t stand it. It’s the ?rsttime. No, it’s every time. Every time, I feel like a beggar, a thief coming to take their money. They look at me, ready to hit me. I feel like hitting them too. I’m going to bed. We said we’d go to see Miguel. I’ve had enough. I’ll see them on Monday. Five out often want you to stay! No, two! Iforced the others to pity me. If I’m taken back, those who lose their bonus, how will they look at me? How will I deal with them all day? How’ll I manage in the workshop, on the machines, over lunch? I won’t go Monday. They can decide without me. Sandra! Juliette’s calling on your phone.

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