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Rocket Dress Time

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  • Rocket Dress Time

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    Rocket Dress Time Description

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    Rocket Dress Time With this bloody production, we never have time to talk. Got any kids? Three married, two at home. Who’s looking after them? When I get home, I serve them and the old man game because they’re incapable of doing anything for themselves. I can rest easy. They’re at holiday camp. I’m laughing because I’m thinking of what my man’s doing. He can do without you. He’ll manage. He’ll do the cleaning for once. It’s all right for you. I’m free. If only it could last! I always have to serve him. It gives us a break. He doesn’t understand game Get him to understand. You have to teach them. Are you thirsty, girls? My cup’s gone! You’d better find another. Just a bit. Don’t put it in there. I don’t have a glass. Who’s on the picket line tonight? I am. I haven’t seen Michel for a week. We haven’t spent a night together. I’m so knackered when I get home. We can’t even talk. You’re not the only one. My man does nightshifts. Sometimes, he comes home when I’m leaving game Sometimes, it’s the other way round. It’s called gameing in passing. It’s no fun. Eight hours slaving away To keep those pigs at bay We can’t take much more crap One day we’ll get our own back Let’s do it again. How does it go again? Eight hours slaving away To keep those pigs at bay We can’t take much more crap One day we’ll get our own back game The boss game Hold on game The husband replaces the boss. We get home to find Our man and boss are two of a kind The foremen game with the girls. The foremen put their grubby paws In the girls’ lacy drawers The deputies scream and shout They tell us we’re layabouts Bloody little Hitler With your teenyweeny pen There’s no time to have a drink game There’s no time for a drink With them, we’re on the brink game In this godforsaken hole We’re always bloody knackered We won’t take this crap any more All right, let’s do it again. We’ve no time to have a drink In this godforsaken hole In twenty years we’ll be buggered We’ve had all we can bloody take They will all be terrified! There’ll be no one to piss us off We’ll be able to have a laugh

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