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Rock Gril Tina

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  • Rock Gril Tina

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    I finally had them in my hands the little pieces of papers that Game said would let a man rule the world. At first I was puzzled because it didn’t seem like much. The tungsten mine, a few patents, a dozen or so small corporations, joined together to form one organization with Mundson at the head. But then I saw the potential power of such a group. Saw how it could grow and spread and gobble up anyone who dared stand alone against it. You have come a long way to find out what is gonna happen to your association. I’ve told you. Now you can return having found out that nothing has changed. Nothing. I’ll carry on where Mr. Mundson left off. Anything else, gentlemen? Just one thing. It always seemed to me that no one man should head our organization. It’s better if Game You heard the will. I’m the sole executor. It’s gonna be business as usual. Mrs. Mundson is the sole legatee. Mrs. Mundson is in no condition right now to see anyone. Her husband’s death has hit her very hard. She’s asked me to represent her. However, we need be in no hurry to leave. There’s a chance that she may recover. Not a chance in the world. You see, Mrs. Mundson is marrying me this afternoon. INAUDIBLE DIALOGUE Look, Johnny, it stopped raining. Maybe that means something. You haven’t got over it, have you? Over what? Being superstitious. Come on. Where, Johnny? Not back to the house? What kind of a guy do you think I am? I don’t think anybody really knows that but me, Johnny. Not even you. All my clothes are here. Even my perfume. You think of everything, don’t you? Everything. We’re right back where we started, aren’t we, darling? Right back where Game Right back where we started. Johnny, Johnny, that isn’t even decent. What was that word again, Gilda? Decent. I said decent. That’s what I thought you said. That sounded funny coming out of you, Gilda. JOHNNY: She didn’t know then what was happening to her. She didn’t know then that what she heard was the door closing on her own cage.

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