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Rock Girl

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    Rock Girl Description

    People who took her land. I am sitting here with Dress Up Game Peron. And her family who have been experiencing supernatural occurrences. Alright, go ahead. From the first occurence. Owh, here’s Brad. You find it okay? Oh, yeah. Drew, this is Officer Brad. Officer Brad Hamilton, Harris Ville, Rhode Island PD. Nice to meet you, man. So, you’re lucky new cop, huh? Guess so. You’re here to catch some ghost, right? Take it easy, Adam Drew. Okay, so help me get the stuffs unloaded. Take this. Whatever! When you’re finished here, why don’t you head upstairs, alright? You got it. What’s wrong with the Chevy? Uh, what’s not wrong with her. Needs a new carburetor to start. Oh, yeah? Kind of put fixing her up on hold for a while. Yeah. You hand me in the thermostat, would you? What’s this, uh, do? Rock Girl Owh if there’s an instanst drop of the temperature, thermostat triggers the camera to take a picture. Do you actually caught things on film? Yeah, that’s the point. Why, uh Dress Up Game Why out here? Well, this is where the witch committed suicide. She hung herself from the branch right above where you’re standing. How could a mother Dress Up Games her own child? He was never a child to her. She just used her god given gift as the ultimate of fence against him. Which is believed will elevate her status in the eyes of Satan. Hm. Well Dress Up Game that’s a nice stay at the beach, huh? How did you know? Some insight, it’s like a peek through the curtain in another person’s life. Hmmm. They means so much to me. We’re driving along the coast. Dress Up Games pointed out how pretty the view was. I thought this is the perfect opportunity for a photo. We’re gonna starts fresh, you know. A new house, a new beginning. You should’ve seen Dress Up Game and the girls. Rock Girl I’ve never seen them so happy. They mean the world to me. Put your hand flat on the desk. Hmm? Now take it off. Here we go. See? Rock Girl It’s just revealed source that naked eye can’t see. Pretty fired, isn’t it? Yes, it’s scurvy. Drew, you get the bullet ready for Brad?

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