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    When do you think you might return? I suppose weshould let or days go by. Then I’ll give you a call. Do you suppose it’s a clueas to wich of those inmates is smugglingdolls out? What’s written on this doll? “The gorilla is the murderer”. Maybealso the murderer of Gordon Stuart. What exactly was his last address? Park Hotel, London. No, Mr Stuart didn’t leave the hotel. I was quitecertain that he’d gone to bed. Just before he went upstairs he left a message for me to call him at am. And when he failed to answer your call the following morning, you came up Game and discovered this window pane missing. And the lights wereout. Yes. Somebody must havedisconnected the fuseafter the murder was committed. This was Mr Stuart’s regular chauffeur. I’ll question you later. Hereare the names and telephone numbers for thecalls Mr Stuart had put through. Jim! Yes, Sir? Mr Parker. Yes, but look at this phone number. Why, that’s our Mr Parker! Interesting. And who is Doctor Jeckyll? He’s a solicitor. Mr Stuart had him up herea coupleof times. Dead? Well Game I just can’t believe it. Why, just two days ago I went to see him. He wanted to add somechanges in his will. Hedidn’t want to leaveanything to Love and Peace for People? Oh, no. On thecontrary. His original intention was to endow that organization. But then Mr Stuart changed his mind and left everythingto his daughter. To his daughter? Oh yes. Her name is Susan Ward. Her address was unknown to Mr Stuart at the time. Hesaid he’d let me have it later. He told me that she’d been thought dead Game for years now and he has only recently got the news that his daughter Game is alive. This whole business with the will stinks. Then weshould take thestink out of it. We must find out if Susan Ward exists. Wecan saveourselves a lot of work. It seems clear enough that Parker and the murderer aresomehow connected. What gives you that idea? Who else had so much to gain? millionaires dieshortly after making over their fortune to Love and Peace. You’re wrong, Jim. The third changed his will in favor of his daughter Game and died, too.

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