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Rihanna Cool Dress Up

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    Rihanna Cool Dress Up getting my reindeer and sleigh back. I mean, it’s getting very late. I thought you knew. Knew what? The reindeer took off with your sleigh. Huh? And my kittens. You mean the kittens that were in that box? Yeah. Oh, this is a disaster. It’s almost sunrise. My magic runs out at sunrise. If it comes out that game didn’t finish Christmas, I’ll be ruined! The kids’ll riot in the streets! They’ll be game They won’t go to school anymore! And grownups wouldn’t be able to force them to game It’d be mass chaos and hysteria! It’s terrible! It’d be a catastrophe! game, snap out of it! Oh. OOkay. All right. Way to be the designated driver, Patches. We lost the list! Where are the reindeer? They’re gone! You think they’ll come back for us? Pfft. Yeah, right. Those dummies probably don’t even know we’re missing. Let’s find that list. Just stay together. I’ll find it! Mittens, wait! Mittens! Who knows what kind of trouble those kittens could be in, but we need to figure a way to help them. This requires some brain food. We have cookies. Did you say, Cookies? Hmm. A plan to save Christmas. Well, Tommy, I figured out if I could take the Christmas spirit from my hat and add it to some Chris game magic game My hat! WWhere’s my hat? Ever since that Christmas where Julia and I saw game, I’ve been so sad that she didn’t back me up when the other kids made fun of me for it, and I spent every Christmas since then paying tribute to game and trying to prove that he is real. But now the power of game’s hat has shown me that Christmas isn’t about paying tribute to game. It’s about loving others and being kind to others and helping those who need my help, people like Julia and Tommy and you and your poor little defenseless babies that are lost out there in the cold of night all alone! I can help them! We can help them! Yes, let’s go find your kittens! Great. I’m talking to a cat. Mittens! Hairball! Where are you? Where are you guys? We can’t go on without you, list. Come on. Where are you? Come on. Where are you? Dumb list! Patches! Mittens!

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