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Refreshing Spa Day

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    You dig it? There’s really no need for all that running off at the mouth, is there? Now pay no mind to it. It’s just publicity. No, don’t get paint on it, dummy. You think all this Mongoose and Snake nonsense is going to make any difference? Not on the track, it won’t, but it might make us some dough. Yeah, well, I say let the cars do the talking. Well, every time they open their mouths, it costs money, Don. That’s why we have sponsors, right? Well, there’s got to be a lot more to it than maandpa gas stations and a bunch of free parts here. Well, I barely have enough time to work on my car as it is. I’m not going to go running around, chasing down sponsors. The way I see it is you got to make the time, Don. I win races. Winning the money will follow. Well, if it’s that simple, you got nothing to worry about, partner. Have a nice night in your shop. Doing all right Doing all right Game Hey. Yeah, Shelly. Kelly. Hey, Ed. Oh, all right. Hey, guys. Glad you guys are here. Thanks for coming out, huh? Going to be a good day. There you go. I like that shirt. Hey, all right. Thanks, Phil. Genius. Right? Don’t have much time for a new paint job, do you, ‘Goose? Oh, this? It does a great job blocking nitro fumes. Let me see that. Nope. Got to go, buddy. And that’s Tom “Mongoose” McEwen out of the U.S. Nationals. Tommy Ivo stays in there all the way to win. Now he’ll need Game What the hell happened? Game Don Prudhomme, the Top Fuel eliminator at WinterNalionals in the finals. You’ll get him next time, buddy. Yeah, whatever. Well, I guess this is your chance to go headtohead with Ivo, the celebrity. Working for him was a nightmare. Hey, revenge is a dish best served with a cold, huh? You don’t mind if I steal this, do you? No, sure. Help yourself. Ladies and gentlemen, this year’s final pits Prudhomme against his former mentor, “TV” Tommy Ivo. She’s winding up and letting it fly Over the line in the blink of an eye Game Prudhomme gets the jump this time and really lets it out, hitting . miles per hour in .

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