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Refreshing Best Spa Day

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  • Refreshing Best Spa Day

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    Just as we planned. Well, that plan is long gone now. New plan is you got five seconds to tell me where the that bag is. Yeah, I take you there you’re just gonna kill me anyway. GRUNTS Oopsie daisy. You’re a motherer, you know that? Now nobody gets it. GASPS MUFFLED SCREAM Danny, shh. Who’s there? MUSIC PLAYING THROUGHOUT Huh? I know someone’s there. Come out! I said, come out! Shh, Danny, it’s okay, all right? You hear? GUNSHOTS CONTINUE I know you’re there. Come out! Come out! GUNSHOT GASPS Dad! Danny! Stay there, Danny. GROANING BREATHING HEAVILY me. Dad! Stay there! Dad, look! MAN GROANS Look, he’s alive! Danny, come here, now! . ! Here, take this. What are you doing? Taking him to mom. What about that thing he threw over there? I saw where it went. This man’s bleeding to death, come on! Should we go get it? Daniel, come on! GROANING Laura! Guys? Oh, my God! What happened? He was shot. Danny, go get some towels. Who is he? I have no idea. He just appeared in the woods. Laura, you’ve gotta do something.

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