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Red Riding Hood And Wolf

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  • Red Riding Hood And Wolf

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    Red Riding Hood And Wolf Description

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    .I’m a model commanding officer executing my duties in exemplary fashion. What do you think of the poetry? I think poetry’s essential in the modern battlefield. A bit like mud. If only it were just mud. Yes. Perhaps, better not dwell on the unmentionables. Better left unsaid. That’s why I’d rather think about the paper. It’s important to me because it’s not important. dress up game, dear. You’re getting aphoristic. Am I? Apologies. So what are we thinking? I think we should crack out another couple of issues. And if it keeps going this well, Red Riding Hood And Wolf try and sell it back home. You’re getting obsessed. Listen. Listen, Fritz is in fine voice. What are they singing, dress up games? Sounds like an hymn, dress up games. It is. It’s called the Hymn Of Hate. It goes something like this You we will hate with a lasting hate. dress up games We will never forego our hate dress up game. Hate by water and hate by land. Hate of the head and hate of the hand. Hate of the hammer, hate of the crown. Hate of millions choking down. We love as one. We hate as one. We have one foe and one alone.  Engerland.  Engerland. That’s not very nice is it, dress up games? Spoton, Dodd. We don’t have any songs like that, do we, dress up games? No, we don’t and if we did they’d certainly be a lot funnier. The Wipers Times should put that right, dress up games Red Riding Hood And Wolf. Good idea, Dodd. Since Dodd has joined the editorial conference, I propose we take his excellent suggestion on board and include something suitably melodious in the issue. What do you have in mind

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