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Rapunzel Recover

Rapunzel Recover


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Rapunzel Recover Description

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Rapunzel Recover I’ll give you the hat and the drink for that gizmo on his neck. And two chatles Could you give us a lift? See, it’s quite odd, actually We met this strange man, and the kid pressed a button What’s taking you so long? Hurry up! Hey! Come back, you jerk! Give it back! Forget it! Let him have it! I’ll remember this! I’ll get you later, you halfwitted cyborg! It’s just shampoo paid cash for that shampoo, maestro Cash that certain people say they don’t carry around I don’t, for people like you They’re coming back Young man, what’s your name again? told you Tolik Tolik, give them whatever they want, or we’re going to die here. Understand? So how come you didn’t give them your fiddle? Ketse! They want a match This? Another one? Be my guest Want the match? First take us out of here, then we’ll give you the “koo” “Kew” what? Here it is! Kew yourself Here! Found it Why do you want it? It’ll come in handy Hello, fellow earthlings. DJ Tolik Tsarapkin here If I had video cameras built into my eyes you’d see that sitting across from me are two shameless, shabbylooking Game Stop it Just look at these weirdos Look, do me a favor. Be quiet I’ve got a splitting headache Ketse Indeed, Uncle Vova Ziegenbogen will be wearing your slippers now They speak Russian! House slippers You speak Russian? We’re trying. You were thinking about slippers I just repeated what you thought Why were you pretending Game ? Why yap for no reason? How many matches will we get if we take you to Earth? How many do you need? Two full boxes like that one Six What? I’ll give you three, and that’s it Five Four, and the gizmo Is this your last word? The lastest! Mama, mama, what am I to do? Mama, mama, how am I going to live? Here Stop it! I’m begging you! What does this switch do? Don’t touch it! Flip the tsapa back! Flip it back now! OK! Darn it, I can’t see a thing! Give it to me. Give it back to me, buddy! No way! Switch the tsapa off, you jerk! Give it back! We’re going to crash! Four chatles or I’m keeping it It costs less than half a chatl Three, and that’s final Your last word?

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