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Rapunzel Recover Time

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  • Rapunzel Recover Time

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    you plan to do, kid, do it now! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Now. Now! Now! Now, kid! The portal, it’s closing! Then do it now! No. You’re stronger than he is. From light comes darkness, and from darkness, light. COUGHING, GASPING Show me your eyes. SCREECHING I have to go. I’m proud of you. SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Stormwind. VARIS: My lord! Through the portal, Stormwind! Thank you, Guardian. Varis. Legion, forward! SOLDIER: Attack! Garona, ride with me. VARIS: Run! Varis, set the men in a perimeter. Garona, Karos, take what men we can spare and free the prisoners. And send them through to Stormwind. Form a line, shield to shield! KING LLANE: We will hold as long as we can. KAROS: Get to the portal! Go! Mercy! Thank you! SPEAKING OTHER LANGUAGE IN ENGLISH Stormwind. SOLDIER: Need more powder! KAROS: Help me push! STRAINING Come on, boys! Put some spunk into it! ORC: Go around! We’ll attack them from behind the portal! SOLDIER: Watch your flank! Take care of him. We should leave! We save as many of our people as we can! It’s the loneliness. It makes us weak. Khadgar. I’m sorry. I wanted to save us all. I always did. CLAMORING PRISONER : No! PRISONER : It’s closed! We’ve lost the Guardian. FEMALE PRISONER : No, no, no! PRISONER GROANING INDISTINCT YELLING ORCS GRUNT GRUNTING GROANS GROWLS SCREAMING GROWLS GARONA: Blackhand comes to claim the honor of killing you. Garona. No good will come from us both dying. Look around you. We’re surrounded. Your killing me is the only hope we have for peace. You told Lady Taria that killing her would bring you honor. Well, killing me will make you a hero. Survive. Bring peace between orcs and humans. You must. KING LLANE: You must. GROWLS GROANS SWORD CLATTERS GRUNTING No! My lord! ORCS CHEERING GROANING GRUNTS ORC MESSENGER: She has killed their chieftain, Gul’Dan. The Horde embraces you. Orc. WIND BLOWING ORCS CHANTING IN OTHER LANGUAGE ORCS CHEER Huh? SCREECHING SCREECHING SCREECHING SCREECHING CLEARS THROAT BLACKHAND: Mak’gora. GRUNTING EXHALES SLOWLY

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