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Rainy Fall Time

Rainy Fall Time


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Rainy Fall Time Description

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“Exodus”. EXODUS It sparked global concern about the lives of these refugees de India, Vietnam, Filipinas, South America, Palestine, Iraq and many other places. But Sebastião returned again and again to the continent I had captivated his imagination for some time already. A África. I was doing my project on population movements in , when the Rwandan president’s plane He was killed. It all started with a great movement of population to Tanzania due to the brutal repression against the Tutsis in Rwanda. And I was one of the first to arrive. It was a catastrophe. People who fled to Burundi, al Congo, a Uganda game They fled to everywhere. The streets were full of people. People resting on the side of the road, he carried all their belongings on bicycles game People who fled with what they could. We follow the path in the opposite direction. We went to the border. There was no security, no nothing. I came to Rwanda and that was frightening. The death toll I met on these roads. It had broken Granada. Those who were not killed by the Granada were killed with machetes. I understood the magnitude the catastrophe he was seeing. Genocide was committed in that country. Were about kilometers to the outskirts of Kigali, and kilometers of dead. I returned because my story was about you people. He was writing a book on refugees, on the exodus. I went into these camps and I began to see the number of people who left Rwanda. Hell settled in this paradise. It was frightening see how in such a beautiful savanna He had formed a megacity. Within days, there were almost a million people there. Amid all this anguish, something touched me very much. It was seeing this mother with her little, and little confidence in her mother. Violence and brutality they are not a monopoly of distant countries. It is here, in Europe, in the former Yugoslavia. It’s very shocking. On a bus coming from Krajina, Croatia across game One person was killed through that hole. Croats killed many people to leave Krajina. Violence is widespread. What I dislike

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