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Rainbow Balloon Girl

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  • Rainbow Balloon Girl

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    Rainbow Balloon Girl Description

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    I’m % sure it’s not Jocelyn’s, and I’m % sure it’s not mine. What is this, “Special Victims Hair Clip Unit?” Those hormones are messin’ with you. I’m gonna take a shower and go to bed. What’s wrong? You are. What did I do? Eavesdropping on my phone conversations and using it to get Millie grounded? A mother doesn’t eavesdrop. She pays attention. And that girl deserved it after what she did to Ginger. She and the rest of the team are barely speakin’ to me. I’m gonna have to write her English term paper to make it up to her. Since when are you and Millie Rash best friends? She’s the most popular girl on my team. And my team is important to me. Well, maybe my team’s important to me too. Your team goes away in two weeks. I’m with mine for the rest of the year. Come on, Flo. Let’s go. I-I’ll be there. There’s only $, in the betting pool. Doesn’t look like much more of a turnout tonight. We’ll come up with somethin’. All right, ladies. Gather round. Where’s Florine? All right. I’m ready. What? All right. The mobile unit is ridin’ on us tonight. If we lose this game, we’re not gonna get a third. If you gals put on a good show tonight, they’re gonna tell their friends to come out next game. It’s called “word of mouth.” mind over matter. If the refs don’t mind, it don’t matter. Hot Flashes on three. One, two, three! Hot Flashes! Hips don’t lie, sweetheart. – That was a foul. – That’s a foul. It’s cool, dude. What was that? Get it! She stepped on her foot. On her foot! Yes! Hey, that’s a foul! Intentional! Nice hair. Thank you! Hello! That was a foul. What in the Sam Hill? Oh! I know how starved you must be for attention. I mean, my mama told me how hard it is to get a husband after a certain age. Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Who needs a husband? I mean, why buy the pig when all you need is a little sausage? Ew. Score’s right. Cool. Hot Flashes’ ball. Hey. I intend to file a complaint with the referee’s association.

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