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Rainbow Balloon Girl Adventura

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  • Rainbow Balloon Girl Adventura

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    Rainbow Balloon Girl Adventura Description

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    I’ve never seen a woman cry. I shall accept the allowance gratefully, but I should leave. To go where? It doesn’t matter where. I thought you liked being here. Were you just being polite? Don’t be a fool. If Ambrose hadn’t been such an idiot, this place would have been your home. I think I’m the idiot. I thought coming here would bring him back to life. I don’t know why you came. I don’t know anything about you. All I know is that I like it now you’re here and I don’t want you to go. Is that complicated? Very. If you want to go, then go. It’ll cause a lot of talk, but Well, I would have thought it would cause a lot more talk if I stayed. I’ll have to talk to your godfather. It’s no concern of his. There is only one issue and that’s whether you want to stay or not. How can you ask me that? You know the answer to that. No, I don’t know. Of course I don’t know. I don’t know That’s the point. So you’ll stay? At least for a little while? I’ll stay. Yes, for a little while. Then I’ll say good night. Good night.

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