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Rabbit Girls

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  • Rabbit Girls

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    Rabbit Girls Description

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    Seems like he’s building some sort of secret weapon, possibly needs the Mexican labor to finish it. It’s in space. He wants to get there before the missiles take off. What missiles? What the are you talking about? Launch trigger is wired to a biological clock. We need to find someone to disarm it. You got anybody in the Network? Yeah. But you don’t like him. OGameis. Come on, Machete, he’s with us. He’s not with me. He’s our only bomb guy. You wanna choke him out, go ahead. I hear it’s always the blue wire. What’s he doing here? He came to me about six months ago. Said he’d changed his tune. Cabrones ain’t got no tune. I know that you would prefer to see me all sorts of dead, but God has already cursed me for what I did to Padre. That’s why I’m here. To finish your brother’s work. My only redemption is in righting that wrong. So, please, give me mercy and I swear I will make it up to you. Or die trying. I’d have it no other way. This is your bomb guy? You can try the Yellow Pages. I gotta make a call. You’d better be somewhere with shit reception, because I’ve been trying to reach you all damn day. Where’s Mendez? Dead. But his heart still beats. You’re joking, right? Machete don’t joke. Humor me. Who’s got the heart? Voz. He’s bad news. Been using Mendez to do all his dirty work. Machete, I’m gonna stop you right there, okay? Luthor Voz may have his hand in a lot of pockets, but he’s harmless. He sponsors my damn pageant, for Christ’s sake. You need to alert the President. Just calm down. Tell me your location and we’ll talk about this in person. Better meet somewhere else. Have it your way. I’m gonna text you a rendezvous point after my swimsuit competition. Who’s the bitch? Handler. You her? Yeah, you did. What, you got a problem? Yeah, I got a problem. When you smell like pussy, it means you’re pussy Game whipped. And when you’re pussy Game whipped, your judgment’s cloudy. Just jealous. Is that her? I thought Machete don’t text. Machete loves everybody. Man, screw this. Where you going?

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