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Puppy Valentine Day

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    Hi, Bonfils. Hi, Jerome. Well? For me, something doesn’t fit. Never happy. You don’t change. We’ll leave it to the specialists. What? We were here first. It’s a neighbourhood crime and I live here. Not up for it? Up for it is not his style. We’re busy right now. I’ve no objection to you taking it. I’ll tell the DA. Thanks. You sounded upset on the phone. Katryn’s been murdered. They found her body in her garage. It’s weird. You mention her, next day she’s dead. She was tipping off a guy called Chardon. That’s all I know. Can you get me a whisky? How did it happen? I don’t know, I’m waiting to hear. I hosted a party for some big wheels in the press. They kept talking about that plane. They’ve got nothing. That never stopped a journalist talking. Let them talk. As long as they don’t publish. Your little club is as leaky as mine. Sorry, I have to go. It was a strictly professional visit. You see, Macquart, I just don’t know if I like this architecture. I know. And your habit of meeting on benches is ridiculous. You’re a man in a hurry. What’s this about? Newsrooms are buzzing about the plane that exploded. You didn’t do your job properly. People buy the papers and you buy the journalists, don’t you? Journalists love rumours. Especially rumours from National Intelligence sources. So what? Either the rumours stop and everything’s right with the world, or they spread and I advise the President to fire you as intelligence chief after he’s reelected, as I’m sure he will. You’re alone there. There’s a third possibility. The first to claim the other’s scalp has won. Personally, I like that one. You have this much lingerie? Not as many accessories either. Call girl, huh? Looks that way. She has a roommate. The board’s on edge. The bank’s suspected of moneylaundering in property deals. This plane business is very bad timing. Are they scared of leaks or losing their investment? You brought them so much business, the losses don’t worry them. Tell them there won’t be any leaks. The ministries are with me. How are you?

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