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Protection From Cold

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  • Protection From Cold

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    Protection From Cold Description

    Sadie, let’s go! Hey! Come! What’s the Dress Up Gamesr with you? Hey, come on, girl! Alright, suit yourself! Coming through! Woah, watch out, Dad. Where do you want it? That goes into the living room. Hey Andrea! Where’s my wind chimes? Uh, I think Dress Up Games got it in the other room. Thank you. Dress Up Games, have you seen my wind chimes? This? Yes. Give it to me! You’re mean! Hey, Mom. Can I hang this wind chimes? Of course! There is a line outside you can hang it on. Honey, have Dress Up Game come in, okay? It’s gonna be dark soon. Yes. Come on, Dress Up Game. Mama wants you inside. Look what I found, Dress Up Games One Dress Up Game Two .. Three. Run! No peeking! Four. Are you guys done with the pizza? I don’t want it to go to waste. Okay! It’s expensive feeding you girls. Seven Dress Up Game Eight .. Nine Dress Up Game Ten. Ready or not, here I come! Okay, clap! Guys, you don’t know the house well enough. Someone’s gonna get hurt. I’m okay, I’m okay! Second clap! That’s cheating. Clap. Gotcha! Whoa, whoa! Are you okay? Oh, yeah. Well, uh Dress Up Game All right! Well, what we break now? Will you get out of there, please? I didn’t mean to. It’s Dress Up Games’s fault. My fault? Oh, geez! Dress Up Games did it! No I didn’t! Oh no, you pushed me! Oh, no. Hey, Dress Up Games, can you go get me the matches, please? What’s going on? Dress Up Games broke something. Dress Up GameShut up! Oh, it was you! What’s up? No. Oh? Think we have a cellar or something. I want to see! I want to see! Here, matches? Thank you! Dress Up Games! I want to see too. Okay, I wanna see it. Move. Oh, man! Dress Up Game? What do you see down there? Uh Dress Up Game It’s hard to tell, you know. There’s an old piano and a whole bunch of garbage. Son of a Dress Up Game Wow! Roge? Come on up. I don’t want any of you girls going down there. The place is loaded of spiders. Euww! Oh! Ugh! Stop it, Dress Up Games! It’s not funny! Got extra square footage down there, I’ll checked it out in the morning. Why people board it up? I don’t know. OK, guys, show’s over, let’s go, up to bed! Please. Thank you!

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