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Prom Princess

Prom Princess


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Prom Princess Description

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Prom Princess we’ll live together. Sebnem. Yourdriving me crazy. I’ve been waiting for that moment for months. I’m hard as rock. Must be a little bit more patient. We really need to win the final. What if we don’t? Don’ worry, I’m going to play such a game that Game Game it’ll guarantee us the competition Game Game and they’ll nevereven know it was us. And then it will be Zeynep’s turn. Did you hearwhat happened to Osman? Osman? What Osman are you talking about? Osman has nothing to do with this? I don’t know, he apparently died in his dream. Dreamt he was getting cut up a morgue. He’s frightened and in shock. Ercü and have had to stay with him. Oh damn Sebnem. He must’ve played one of those horrorgames and been influenced by it. Stupid shmuck. I am dying for your love. Ali. I’m sorry. I didn’ mean to startle you. Get out of there before someone sees you. Come on. I just wanted to make you laugh. But you didn’ succeed. Ali. Uhh Game Game we can go out tonight. That’s my brother. Look at that charisma. Who has that much charisma? He has half of my charisma but that’s OK. Which girl would everreject you man? I would even consider Game What the hell am I saying? Come let’s go talk. This is gonna be good. The operation is starting. I’ll go and prep the surgery room. Let’s forget about this bad blood between us. Only few days till the final. We haven’ had proper rehearsals Game Game because we’re trying to mess with each other. Sebnem is right. I’m sorry about what happened today. Well then, let’s celebrate this tonight. My love, this plan will work right? Yes. You know girls, the number you played on me Game Game that night was epic. My motherstill won’ talk to me. Especially Osman’s was much worse. He still pees himself when he thinks about it. Girls, when I first saw you that day in the car Game I said ” god they’re so beautiful.” Should we go up to my room? Huh? I was saying, “T hese girls are angels”. That day I understood you’re angels. Girls, they asked Drogba what his name meant. Do you know what he said? What did he say?

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