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Profitable Holiday And Fashion Adventure

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  • Profitable Holiday And Fashion Adventure

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    Oh, no! It’s Batkid! I hope you like traps! Look out! Let’s go! You’ve done this! Batkid, over here! Ready? Good job! Okay. I got you. All right! Let’s go get him! Let’s see. Can you see? If we go up here game we can slide down and we’ll catch him. Let’s go and catch him. PENGUIN: You’ll never find me, Batkid! All right? Oh, it’s Batkid! No! It’s Batkid and Batman! Oh, no! Oh, no! You found my lair! We found him! No! I’ll untie Lou Seal! You chase the Penguin! Chase him! Go get him! Go chase him! Come get me if you can, Batkid! Okay. That’s okay. You wanna untie Lou Seal? Do you wanna untie? All right. You can rescue. And you! Batman, no! No! No! No. You’ll never catch me! You’ll never catch me! Ah, come on! Need help? [ALL CHEERING] Good job, Miles. Good job, Batkid! PENGUIN: You foiled my plan! BATMAN: Good job! You foiled my plan! Very brave! Oh, no! No! No! Here we go, Penguin. Let’s go. No! It is over. I’ve got him, sir. Batkid! Thank you, Ray. You’re welcome, Batman. Let’s head down to the baseball field. SUHR [ON JUMBOTRON]: Wow. Unbelievable. We did it. And I salute you, Dynamic Duo. The City of Gotham salutes you. And to prove it, you need to head on over to City Hall game where the mayor of Gotham awaits you with the key to the city game and a well-deserved hero’s welcome. Here’s looking at you, Dynamic Duo: SF’s finest. That was the head of the police department. EJ: It hit me pretty hard a few times during the day. You know, I get choked up. But I have a superhero mask on so nobody can tell. NICK: You having fun? MILES: Mm-hm. NICK: What’s your favorite part of the day? Uh game Catching the Riddler. Catching the Riddler was your favorite? JESUS: Well, we were on the bus game and a man basically taps me on the shoulder, and he’s like: “Obama just replied to your tweet! And the entire bus started cheering and applauding. I looked at my phone, and I was shaking because I saw, you know: “Barack Obama replied to your tweet. Way to go, Miles. Way to save Gotham. JESUS: I took like three screen shots just

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