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    and let me tell you, a bullet to the head wouldn’t come a knocking ’till half past boat man’s if you know what I’m saying. The Vietnam War? Is that what the kids are calling it these days? Chang ching chong mi! The American war. The American games You see, the problem games With trying to stop the ferment of the sugar in the brew from hardening, is you can never really get the damn thing under control. It never acts the way you want it to, so the recipe, no not the recipe, the secret is to not try and control it. Better stay very still ’till it’s ready. Then boom! Then you’re silent. Neither one of you will see it ’till it’s too late and before you know it, you’re watching your friends on all sides, the BPA, the NFA, and the Vietcongs, it all becomes the same. Yeah games Just one big brew of white lightning. Sometimes you gotta spit it out ’cause it’s games ‘Cause it’s too hot, if you know what I’m saying. But by then, the taste is already in your mouth, you know, and it just sits there and it ferments blue, it ferments yellower than hell. All I really remember about it is red eyes. Red eyes right through me, laser like, I mean pow, red eyes, man! Right at me! Yeah, boy. Changed everything. Changed everything. Werewolves? Sorry, Vietnamese werewolves? Naturally, my good boy. I see I have two options. One, I stay and you pull me into this fantasy world that doesn’t exist, or two, and by far the surest of my two options is I walk out that door and continue to live a life of clear and precise rules. Or you can shut up and listen. Because we’re only gonna do this once. Oh man. Let me tell you something about your options. They don’t mean squat. Follow me or go home. Either way, we need to prepare. Kill him. Kill him before he fully changes. All those options you had, hoss? Ain’t worth the tea in a china shop. Kill him. Kill him. This is your enemy. Don’t let your mind create sympathy for a beast. An animal. Kill him. Don’t let that animal surface. This is the last they’re gonna attend. Allow me to introduce myself.

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