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Princess with Excellent Horse

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  • Princess with Excellent Horse

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    Princess with Excellent Horse Description

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    By the way, you had me at “felon.” Ahh! Ah! All right. Now, Ginger, you stepped in and you had great position, but you gotta box out strong. Gotta put your butt in it good. And, Florine, stop worrying about your hair. I have to go all the way to Waco for my hair. Those little girls over at Maybelle’s Beauty Parlor, they have no idea what to do with this hair. All right. Let’s do this again. And, Roxie, try to hit the rim this time. Well, I had no idea you were an expert at reboundin’, Coach. Roxie Adams, you are so effin’ rude! Excuse me! It’s Roxie Rosales for the past years! And what’s rude is sleepin’ with other people’s husbands! It was years ago, and you weren’t married. I had a ring on my friggin’ finger! A class ring. Oh, no, wait. Actually, it looked a little bit more like a Cracker Jack ring. Well, if you weren’t out all night parked with my Tito Game the night before our big game at Elkhart, we might’ve gone undefeated senior year. And maybe if you were eating more Mr. Rosales and less Mr. Goodbar, he wouldn’t have looked elsewhere. I am gonna rip those worn-out nipples right off of you! Bring it on! Hey, hey, hey! Don’t touch me, girl! Hey! Stop it! Stop it right now! Everybody! Sideline! Now! Get off! Bitch! Hey! I feel like it’s my responsibility as your coach Game to tell you this. You’ll never win if you keep beatin’ the hell out of each other! There’s only room for one enemy now, and that’s the Armadillos. Those girls Game they are younger and they are faster. That’s a fact of life. So we need to use our innate abilities. – Like what? – I Game I don’t know. It could be Game it could be anything. What do y’all have that they don’t? Lazy husbands? Okay. Uh, it’s a start. – A cynical attitude. – Now we’re talkin’. A weldin’ license. What? I got it after Flashdance came out. Everybody was gettin’ ’em. A higher tolerance for alcohol. Tattoo coverin’ a C-section scar. Nonexistent gag reflex. Okay, okay. We just need to figure out Game

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