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Princess Tina

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  • Princess Tina

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    Is that the reason for the payoff? Payoff? Naturally. Why doesn’t it show on the books? Why doesn’t it come out of my cut? You have my complete confidence. Ask any questions you wish. I just asked one. Let’s have dinner. I was forced to leave Gilda alone while I looked for you. Gilda’s too beautiful to be left alone. You changed the subject. I’ve changed the subject. I found him, Gilda. Very elusive chap, our Johnny. Sit down, Johnny. Good evening. You’re looking very beautiful. Good evening, Mrs. Mundson. Can’t you return the compliment? You’re looking very beautiful. Why, thank you. If there’s anything I love, it’s a spontaneous compliment like that. Because you’re so nice, I’ll show you something. My husband gave it to me for a cominghome present. Isn’t it cute? Fifty thousand pesos, and it’s cute. Isn’t she fabulous, Johnny? Fabulous. Wait, Johnny, let’s drink to us. To the three of us. To the three of us. What’s the matter, Johnny? I get confused. Confused? Why? Well, just a few weeks ago we drank a toast to the three of us. Well, who was the third one then? Should I be jealous? Hardly, darling. Just a friend of mine. It is a him or a her? That’s a very interesting question. What do you think, Johnny? A her. Ohh. Why that conclusion? Because it looks like one thing, then right in front of your eyes, it becomes another thing. Well, you haven’t much faith in the stability of women, then. JOHNNY: That’s right. One wonders who the woman was who brought our Johnny to this pretty pass. Doesn’t one, Gilda? One does. Let’s hate her, shall we, Game ? Let’s. Shall we, Johnny? Let’s. Now, that I’ll drink to. SPEAKING IN GERMAN Pardon me for a moment. Anything I can do, Game ? No, I’ll be right back. Now, isn’t this something? It’s a small world in Argentina, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Why did you marry him? My husband’s a very attractive man. You don’t love him. What was that word again, Johnny? You married him for his money. That happened to come with him. Well, that’s a great way to make a living.

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