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Princess Snow White Story

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  • Princess Snow White Story

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    Princess Snow White Story Description

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    Princess Snow White Story So, Dominic, I took a look over your prospectus, and I must say I’m very impressed. But I’m not looking to invest in another restaurant. Right. ‘Cause I am opening a new one myself and I’m in the market for a new sous chef. And I think you are my guy. Me? Your new sous chef? Well, say something. Are you really offering this to me? Now? Your fusion tapas inspired a whole new entree, which is a fancy way of saying I stole them. I can’t believe this is happening. Did I mention my last three sous chefs went on to create their own restaurants? That’s the dream. And you could be next. They are breaking ground on the new space at Planet Hollywood. Why don’t you stop and take a look? Planet Hollywood? Here in Vegas? Excuse me, Chef? I really think this can be huge. Yeah. I’m very excited about this. Oh, boy. Ladies. You guys. I’m gonna say goodnight to you now. Thank you so much for including me in the day, it was so much fun. It was our pleasure. Thank you. Tish, what are you gonna do tonight? Well, I’m gonna have a “momcation”. I’m going to play the slots a little bit by myself and then I’ll just go nose around the gift shops by myself, take selfies with the statues by myself. I don’t know, just like drink alone in my room. It might be a crazy night, but you’re more than welcome to join us. That’s so sweet. Yeah, come. Fine, I’ll do it! I do not wanna be alone in my room in Vegas. Okay, Tish. If you’re gonna join the bachelorette party, I have one cardinal rule. You must dress up. Yeah. Yeah, because we have to be able to get into the club. So you’re gonna have to pull it together a little bit. Like, belt it? No. You know what? I have a different twin set. That’s rule number two, is that you can’t wear a twin set ever. Okay. Get a cute little dress and some shoes, some heels. These are the highest heels I’m allowed to wear, because I have rolling arches. Well, this is all I brought, so I don’t know what else you want me to wear. Bebe! Come, come, come. Shots up! To Mike! I’m sending you off the right way. I’m the best best man anybody can have! Control: Use Mouse to play.

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