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Princess Snow White Story Adventure

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  • Princess Snow White Story Adventure

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    Princess Snow White Story Adventure Description

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    OK, Steve. You wa k into this caravan. You see this gir you haven’t seen in a ong time. And she ooks up at you and says, he o. What wou d you say, he o? And he said, not necessari y. That was the owest point for me. I thought, we’re never going to get a script. If I had written the script, I know it wou d have worked. It wou d have worked. I was his boy. I was his writer. His favorite expression is the son of a knows me. I don’t know how, but he knows me. The meeting took p ace in Steve’s home. He insist that the character had to be a oser, and I didn’t want to write a oser. You have to remember, I was a so a star. I thought I had a write to insist on my position. He just want to ose in that movie, and I don’t know why. Steve want to have something more than just Steve McQueen doing Steve McQueen on fi m. You’re ta king about something he want to do that was more important than acting. You shou dn’t argue with a superstar, even if you he p make him a superstar. I was the highest paid screenwriter in town when I went to that meeting. And after that meeting, the phone never rang again. [Cars racing] His ove of cars were so infectious that is screw me up for ife. Since day one when I got here, I’m ike, dad, can you just give me a ride in one of the race cars? That’s a I wanted. Must’ve been two months went by, and my dad turn the car around. He open his right door, the side door, and went ike that, turn around, and he sat me on his ap. And I just put my hands inside of his hands. For a second, he pu his hands out the whee , and I was steering the. And that was pretty ing. Yeah, baby! Ha, ha! NEI E ADAMS: Chad didn’t te us that he hit a wa in Daytona. He’s got screws on his neck, and he’s got a rod on either side of his spine. I broke everything in my body. And the reason I’m wearing shades is my right eye is sti tow in. I was in a coma for three and a ha f weeks. Did I say that? Wou d I change anything? No. I wou dn’t. Pretty neat, huh? There is nothing better, nothing better. I mean, motorsports is the strongest drug in the wor d.

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