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Princess Pom Pom Girl

Princess Pom Pom Girl


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Princess Pom Pom Girl Description

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Thank you. No hard feelings. I hope you’ll stay with me tonight. I’m throwing a party. I’m gonna unveil the Duchess, and watch every art world snob in town drool all over her. We’ll have your things sent over from the hotel. Go upstairs and freshen up. You smell like a horse! And if you’re quick about it, you might have time to couple with Georgina before dinner. She’s been through half the staff already. Sir, you’re staring at your liquor. So I am. Jock, I fear we are in the eleventh hour, man. Our very future rests on getting our hands on that blasted painting. And therefore it’s imperative that we devise a plan. And it will have to be a fiendishly clever plan. Well, sir game I’ve been thinking game And I mean dizzyingly complex, replete with feints and distractions and calibrated movements of the Swiss watch type. What? Thoughts? During the party, we steal it while no one’s looking. Ingenious. Once again? You go down, get your face seen a bit game then you meet me ’round the back later, we climb up the side of the building, break through the window, grab the painting. Oh, diabolical. Let’s review it a few more times, shall we? It’s just the old smashandgrab routine, sir. Of course it is. This is just the old smashandgrab business. Smashandgrab. Jock? Yes, sir? I am so very proud of you. Thank you, sir. And, Jock? Yes, sir? You know, I’ve always been fond of you. Thank you, sir. Jock? Yup? Will it be all right in the end? How the game should I know? Unremarkable. Keep the Englishman busy. I create distraction. No problem. Hi. That’s my bottom. Dance with me. Starburst! Oh! So much! So much to look at! Have me. Oh, my dear, I’m so tired. And so married and so tired. And so married game Oh! And I’m married and tired, you know. I game Darling! Whatever brings you here? This is not a breast in my hand! I was unhappy with our last conversation, so I got on the next plane. Surprised? Oh, pleasantly. Aren’t you going to introduce us? Johanna, my dear, this is Milton Krampf’s nymph game Daughter Georgina.

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