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Princess of Serena Make-up

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  • Princess of Serena Make-up

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    Princess of Serena Make-up Description

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    And don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talkin’ about. You’ll never work in this state again, dude. Wow. Oh, my God! Whoo! Let’s go, ladies. Rebound! Rebound! Get back, ladies. Come on, come on! One more. Come on, Flo! Yeah! Coach! Did you see that? I know, I know. Nice job, ladies! We got some celebrating to do. Drinks on me! Whoo! Beautiful shot! Yeah! That’s the way, Florine! Whoo! Whoo! Beth, where’s Laurence? I thought he was comin’ by to celebrate? No, he had to go back to the post office. Yeah. Ever since the layoffs, he has just been workin’ overtime every night. Honey, you look like a million bucks. Now, you need to go down to that post office and tempt him with a special delivery. I am not tempting him much lately. Honey, in that dress, you could tempt most of the men in this town, including a couple of the women. Okay, ladies. To the Hot Flashes! That was quite a game tonight. I’m with the GamesWaco Register.Game I’ve seen your posters all over town. I’m always lookin’ for a good story. Mind if I take some photos of your team? Oh, hell. Nobody wants to see a photo of my big ass in the newspaper. That’s for sure. My name’s Clementine Winks. W-I-N-K-S. You need some photos? I do. Why don’t you come here with me, and I’ll tell you how the team got started. She’s like a gopher in soft dirt. We could use the publicity. Get some people out for the last game. Next round on me. I sold the pickup today. Hey! Hey, hey, hey! Good girl! Hey, none for me. I’m drivin’ home. Oh, can I get a ride? The post office is on the way. I think I might actually surprise Laurence tonight. Good for you! See if his tipsy wife can tempt him now. Hey, Beth. Don’t forget, you’re still in training. You gotta save some of that energy for the last game. Aye, aye, sir. – Here you go, boss. Games- Adios, amiga!Game Yeah. I’m gonna ride you like a pony! Come on! Watch out. Uh-oh. Butt in the gut. Butt in the gut. Oh! Hey. That is not my gut! Ah! Have a great time!

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