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Princess Makeover

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    Yeah, I’m in DC for this postal service meeting, and I’m not doing so good, man. Yeah, it’s over with Phoebe. And I’m having some really dark thoughts here, brother. So, can you give me a call when you get this, please? Okay, thanks, man. Bye. Come on, come on. Hey, Margo. Hey, it’s Adam. How you doing? I’m great. Hey, listen. Do you think I could swing by there and grab the computer? There’s a couple edits I wanna make on the Game You know what? I’m fine. Let’s just Game We’ll bang it out in the morning. Okay, good night. Thanks, bye. idiot. Yeah. Yeah. Adam? Yeah, slow. Yeah, slow. Game Hey. Game Hi, baby. I am so happy to see you. Thanks for coming. I was seriously bugging out. Jesus. There’s more shit than air in here. Yeah, I know. You gotta do something about this, dude. This is not conclusive to your sobriety. Game I think you mean conducive. Game You got any garbage bags? Yes. Yes, I do. Hang on. Dude, explain this to me. You’re trying to stay sober and you still have your porn collection? Yeah, I’m really just stashing it up here. I don’t actually watch any of it anymore. Game We need to get rid of this. Game I know. No. We need to get rid of this now. You okay with this? It’s like burying an old friend. Burning porn, My Lord Kumbaya Really? Neil’s shit’s burning, My Lord Okay. Kumbaya How am I gonna jack off now, My Lord? Kumbaya Oh, Lord, Kumbaya You were a little high. What’s wrong? I’ve never been just friends with a guy before. It’s so Game What? Hot. I love you, big man. I love you, too, small tattooed woman. I ed up. You always have to be right, don’t you, Mike? Game Always. Game Really? You gonna start this? Just get out. it. I’m gonna go. Danny, come on, call us. Your mom is worried. Really? Really? Hey, it’s Adam. You wanna come by? Give me a five scratches. Musketeers bar. Is that it? Yeah. Let me have Game A bottle of bourbon, fifth of bourbon. Yeah. Hey. What happened? Where is he? Katie, breathe.

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