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Princess Irene’s summer fashion

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  • Princess Irene’s summer fashion

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    and Student Assistant Coach Roy “Pac Man” Stewart Game now appear to be the results of a murdersuicide. Coach didn’t do it, you guys, neither did Pac Man. You still up for this? We’re friends, right? Yeah, we’re friends. And we’re a team, right? Right! So we’ll do what you ask us to do. Just make sure you do it exactly at midnight. Give me enough time, okay? Right. All right, let’s go! All right. Come on. Let’s do it. Come on, minutes and counting. This is crazy. Sometimes crazy is what it takes. Shut up and get in there. Let’s go. Come on. You all set? Yeah. Let’s go. The stuff’s all set up and ready, just like you asked for. Okay, let me get this straight. You want me to go on the air live at five minutes to midnight Game and if I do, you guarantee you’ll deliver the guy Game responsible for the copycat killings last night? That’s right. Don’t make a fool out of me, live. I’m gonna make you a network anchorman. You’re ready for that, aren’t you? Where’re you going? I’m gonna go get the killer for you, bring him right here. All you have to do is make sure this camera’s on Game feeding the station by five to midnight. No way I’m doing what you tell me, with you not here. Really? Well, we’ll just let the other networks get the story first, I don’t care. Do you want us to pack back up? No, leave it. I have a feeling this kid’s for real. I wish Pac Man were here for this. A maze. There it is. The central unit should be in there. Too bad it’s locked. Let’s get out of here. Pick it. That’s a felony. No, that’s a lock, pick it. Come on. Please! Jonathan. Jonathan. The redcrested nuthatch is one of the largest arboreals found in the British Game Don’t be afraid, Jonathan. You’re not alive, Alison. So? I’m here. All right. That’s it. Give me the crowbar. Crowbar. Mask. Mask. All right, move it. Get back. Jonathan. Jonathan, stop sleeping. Please. Wake up, Jonathan. Don’t let him catch you sleeping. Watch your arse, boy. Don’t get caught napping.

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