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Princess Holiday

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  • Princess Holiday

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    The gentlemen already have my agreement. Then, please repeat theoath after me. Sir, she’s just working part time. Shedoesn’t need theoath. What? Shedoesn’t need theoath. Well, then she needn’t. What is it now? Sir Arthur, there’s a call on the trunk line from Hong Kong! Good! FBI! Put thecall through. No. It’s your shirt maker. He would like to know if heshould ship your order through to London. Miss. Finley! What kind of a question is that? You tell this HungShiTunk, I’m comingto Hong Kongto pick up theshirts myself! That’s enough of that! Out you go! Back to work! Thesesurroundings can drivea man mad. Now, where were we? Hey, Arthur! Have we got a dateor haven’t we? You wait until I’m ready! Now, where were we? I’vealready advised the institution Game of her arrival. Needless to say the Mother Superior was not Game very enthusiastic, but she’s getting used to these routinechecks. We must find the girl who wrote the message that was smuggled out on thedoll. Keep your eyes and ears open. But pleasedon’t takeany chances. Now, whereare those papers? Oh, yes! Well, this is your Game identification from Scotland Yard, and this is the famous emblem. Oh! Well, from now on I’m a bonified agent of the Yard. Yes, from now on the entire police force is at your disposal. Day and night! Jim, what about your hour work week? I’ll makean exception in your case. Please! I’m sorry, Sir. Inspector, would you pleasecall at your office. You havea visitor. She’ll drive me bonkers yet. Very well, Miss McPherson. The very best of luck Game to you. Good day. Thank you Well? What is it? That’s quite enough nonsense, Jim! Oh, I don’t know what to do. Everywhere I go, all I find is imbeciles! Miss Finley? Yes, Sir? Hey, Arthur! Have we got a dateor haven’t we? Oh, you just can’t bear to wait another minute, can you, Mousy? Did I hear you say “Mousy”? Perhaps a bit of fresh air would helpclear your head. That’s not a bad idea, Miss Finley. That’s what we’ll do. Let’s go now. Well, here’s a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Ah! The rueful sinner comes to penance!

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