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Princess Fairy

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  • Princess Fairy

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    Princess Fairy Description

    You’re right. I’m joking. Well, uhDress Up Game It was, umDress Up Game Games It was nice meeting you. Games Yeah. A real blast, wasn’t it? Come on baby, let’s go. Games Em? Games Where’s Mommy? I don’t know. Games Marco! Games Polo! Marco! You gotta say Polo! Hey, you wanna swim over and surprise ’em? Okay. Games Marco! Games Polo! Marco! Hi Mommy! Oh! My goodness, Sara, is that you? Dress Up Game! Elliot, look who it is! Where’s Daddy? Over there! Oh! I see! Games Did you have a good time? Games Yeah! Oh, good. Good. Hey guys! Games Daddy! Games Hi. Games Hey. Games How’d you find us? Oh, it was Sara, actually. She noticed your suits were gone. Oh! So smart! Yeah, it’s crazy here today. I know, tell me about it. This place is a mad house! Yeah, someone’s looking like they’re better. Feeling better, huh? Yeah! We had a nap, watched a movie. How was the park? It was uhDress Up Game It was good. That’s it? Just good? Yeah. Oh I got you something. Hold on. Is this the, uhDress Up Game Yeah, it’s the one you wanted. OhDress Up Game Games Dumbo, Jim? Games What’s the matter? You got me Dumbo? Isn’t that the one you wanted? Minnie Mouse, Jim. I said I wantedGames You know what? Never mind. Games Hold it. Games What? Is she wearing sunscreen? What’s the matter? You mean from this morning? No, Jesus, Jim. You have to reapply the sunblock before they go swimming. SorryDress Up Game I’m sorry. Watch Elliot. What happened to your knee? A boy pushed me. Oh! That’s not very nice.

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