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Princess Clothing

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  • Princess Clothing

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    He was trapped in the car . I do not know what he said , but that was not my fault . He was going to kill me and my wife . We ran and climbed the slope . It was an accident . Of course , he said , it was an accident . Your village is far away? Five hours . We can go . Five hours of bike . How’d you get here ? From bike . Where is it? Can you ask for help? It failed , as everything here . Is he dead? Unconscious. He started running after us . Why did he do this? I know when he wakes up . If he wakes up . Want to keep it? Who is that in burning car ? He was my best friend . Ayub . The car caught fire , and he took a tube and killed him . Was dying burned alive . I just gave him the coup de grace . Swinging . As well . The wound is superficial , but has a concussion and may hemorrhage . Thank you. Does anyone have network? No. Can anyone see the fire . Forget it . No one will see . The car company will send someone . There are no cars here . Or taxis for you take the manicure. We must leave here . He’s right . It can take days . No. No photographs. I break it . What is your problem? None . Why are you so angry ? We have to leave . Last resort . The engine works . We use Toyota parts . This does not give . I checked . We only need two screws . And the other four ? Smash . With teeth ? And the broken metal ? I’ll do that . It is a stupid plan. Waste of time . What do you suggest ? Burn a tire on the hill . We save our energy and spent the night here . We will make a fire and sleep the ruins . This is my plan . My son has a fever and hungry . Need of medical care . Let’s get out of here now . Search the wreckage. Catch all we can use. Water, tools , food, everything . We have to bury the bodies . What can I do ? We need food . Take some chickens . Do not talk to my wife . It’s okay, Scott . No it’s not . Not the boss. Someone has to decide. I am your husband . Know the difference between a good and a bad plan . This is not a joke . whether expected by the Moroccan police ?

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