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Princess Cinderella Dress Up

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  • Princess Cinderella Dress Up

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    Princess Cinderella Dress Up Description

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    Princess Cinderella Dress Up Good, isn’t it? But I’ve always hated Jules. Games I don’t want to end like Jules, alright? Games Yes. Games Do what you want but leave her alone! Games What are you saying? I don’t know. She’s making me paranoid. Sorry, I don’t know what’s wrong. Who am I to talk to you like this? Excuse me for a second. Doveri, leave it. See you tomorrow, I’m staying in tonight. Why are you shouting? I’m here. What happened? We’ve got an exam on the twentieth! If you get distracted, it’s over. Have you got a light? Games That’s Rat. Games He’s the drug dealer. Games He’d better go from here. Games Why did Viola speak to him? What are you doing? Games Hey, that’s Rat! Games He’s been here for two days. Well? Get rid of him! Games Luca! Games What are you doing? Games Do you want a spoon for a dose? Games Just one joint then he’ll go. Games Not with this bastard. Games It’s not up to you. I’d just like you to think about what you’re doing sometimes. Games He’s a junkie, cant you see? Games You’re a pain in the ass! Relax. I’ll have a joint then I’ll go. Games Who told you to speak to me? Games Hold it, Luca! Games ing bastard! Games What are you doing? Games I’ll kill you! Want to kill him? You said, No trouble in here! I’ve seen junkies since I was . You want to teach me something? Sort out your personal problems before you come back! It was just another pathetic scene, that’s all. The other night it was my fault. I’m turning into a fool, I can see it and I can’t help myself. Games I wanted to say sorry. Games Never mind. I’m leaving for Genoa. Games Why now? Games I want to get there early. Games Who’ll deal with this place? Games There’re three days to go. You can handle it. Bye, dickhead. I found out you’re in charge, at the Red Indian camp. , well done. These things give you satisfaction. Why don’t you let the cowboys in though? Games Doveri! Games Are you nervous? You should be happy, David. It means they’re scared of you. It was the secret service. They set the exam on the same day Genoa starts. Games Ah, ah! Games Now you’re getting on my nerves!

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