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Princess Beauty Style Makeover 4

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  • Princess Beauty Style Makeover 4

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    Princess Beauty Style Makeover 4 Description

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    Princess Beauty Style Makeover 4 men don’t put chains on black men. White men put chains on black men. Django. D is silent. I saw that movie. Guys, what’s a pickaninny? Guys, you gotta meet my frat brothers. This is Isaac. How are you doing, little guy? And this is Terrell, guys. I’ve heard so much about you guys, and none of it is true. Where are your drinks, ladies? Come on! What is this? Is this a Shirley Temple and a club soda? Whose bar mitzvah is this? You gotta take this night Game Absolutely. You and me are gonna die tonight. Let’s go. I told you, you’re gonna love these guys. Yes! Come on, Tish! Girl, those are threeinch heels. These shoes are killing me. Miss Harris? I’m JP, your driver. Yes? Ladies, your ride awaits. Wait! This is our ride? It is now! Wait, you stole the boys’ ride? Genius! After you, ladies! I love that! How are they gonna get around? Who cares? That’s not our problem. What the hell is this? This isn’t my ride. I ordered the pimpedout party bus with a stripper pole in it. It’s got a pole. Cedric, what the hell is that? Zeke, don’t start, man. I’m liking your gay vibe, man. Stop. Everybody stop for a second. Do we look like a group of guys that’s gonna roll to a spot in something like this? As a matter of fact, you do. Man, this is Vegas. I’ve seen it all. Are you gonna get in the car? ‘Cause you’re getting charged regardless. Dude, I’m not gonna argue with you. We walking. Ced, you know how long these Vegas blocks are? Let’s do it! I’m getting in the car, bro. % gratuity is nonrefundable. The women had not only taken our ride, they had taken our mojo. All right, what’s on the agenda? Actually, I have about agendas for us this evening. I fear them already. As you should. Okay, the first one is Game Is someone vibrating? You’re not gonna answer that, are you? Put it on silent. I have to get this. Hello, Lauren Harris. Please hold for Lee Fox. Who wants a cocktail? Me! All right. That food was garlicky. You guys got any gum? I think I have something in my purse, side pocket. I’ll have one of those. I definitely need one.

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