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Princess Barbie Shopping

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  • Princess Barbie Shopping

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    Princess Barbie Shopping Description

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    Princess Barbie Shopping The game was disrupted! Please address all your questions to the manager. Why incorrect?! Call the manager. Yes, call him in! Call the manager! for red Game Go with God! Look at her, goes naked in this weather. Children, what do you want? Leave it alone! Go away! Stop horsing around! You’re cold Game Freezing Game Arff! Did you come to see the teacher? Maria Ivanovna? She died. Do you know my father? Sergei. He’s a violinist, too. Oh, there are as many violinists in this town as there are dogs! Hold this door for me, or it’ll break my curtain rod! Now let go! You think I didn’t suffer? Instead of supporting me, you begin moralizing! I have my own pricks of conscience, and my health isn’t getting any better for it! I need positive. You are living outside reality. Start acting your age. What positive? Weather forecast for tomorrow. Air temperature is expected to drop to minus Centigrade, with NW wind up to m/sec. Heavy snowfalls will persist. And now about the weather at sea resorts in Turkey, Egypt. Where are you going? Children, who did you come to see? Children, no caroling here. It’s not allowed. Please, leave. Please. Hello, could you tell us where Uspensky Lane is? It’s somewhere at the end of the earth. I don’t remember in which direction. Remember how you broke a vase? Which vase? When I had my ninth birthday, your daddy Sergei gave you a ride in a shopping trolley bag you could still fit inside. Yes, I remember that. It’s time he remembers she hates elevators oh! But you know very well he can’t stand our staircase Game This dog smell is just unbearable! Honey, be careful! You have stepped into dog shit! Oioioi Game We should have used the elevator, didn’t I tell you. Strange but his words go straight to my heart Game Didn’t I tell you Game Didn’t I tell you Game Oioioi Game Oioioi Game Lalala Game How are you, Lyudmila Ivanovna and Semion Samoilovich! Merry Christmas! Same to you. Hello. Nothing but bills and junk mail! Our children didn’t even send us a Christmas card. They only write when they need money.

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