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Princess Barbie Shopping Time

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  • Princess Barbie Shopping Time

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    Is our nature competition or cooperation? Are you ask-…? Is…? I don’t think I understand. Is that worm-…? Is this wormwood again? I know what he would say, “one thing is not another thing. Your good is your good and my good is mine and what one gains, another loses. Even an inanimate object is what it is by denying all other objects into the space which it occupies. And if it chooses to expand, it does so either thrusting other objects out of the way or by absorbing them. The same is true of the self.” So to wormwood, “to be” means to be in competition. Now, his opponents on the other hand, they strive for a contradiction: That a thing is one, but yet also many, that the good of oneself can be the good of another. And this impossibility, they call love. Great. Love is impossible. Like I said, it doesn’t make sense. Why are you wasting your time then, reading wormwood? Never said I read him. Are you married? Certainly not. Jesus. What the am I listening to you for? Because I’m paying you to drive me around. I gotta tell you, man, I don’t even know what marriage is supposed to mean, anymore. I mean, what if it’s literally just a sheet of paper? Well, you still have plenty of paper in this world. There’s always a fresh sheet when you need it. Yeah. Well, anyway, we’re here. That’s you. Hey, I really appreciate the conversation. Me too, Eric. How did you know my name? It’s on the app. Take it easy. To fight for is to fight against. The other or the self? There’s still a long night ahead for you, I’m afraid. What? Sorry? Dude, that girl was begging for it, man. Like, the least you can do is, you gotta… You gotta humor her a girl like that. I’m not… I’ll have a conversation, you know, maybe a couple of drinks. But I’m not doing anything crazy tonight. It’s way too soon. Madison, okay? her. I told you she was gonna go running back to Jordan as soon as Miranda canned his ass. The least you could do is hook up with a beauty like that, man. She was begging for it, man. She didn’t leave me for Jordan. And even if she did, hooking up with a random stranger is not gonna help salvage my dignity. You’re so much better off without her, man. Look, I didn’t want to say this, but, uh, she’s a buzzkill, okay? I mean, anytime you bring her over to the house, I… Shut the up, okay? Kate Upton could show up completely topless and if she took two seconds to engage your intellect, you’d call her a buzzkill. No . Just a hooker, okay? a hooker if that’s all you care about. It’s gotta be better than this club charade we keep doing. You know, man. Madison really did a mind job on you, man. It definitely wasn’t another kind of job. Ha, ha. All right, guys. This is you. Hey, you see me? Hey there. Across the street. I’m in the silver… Silver… Silver SUV. Got it? All right. You got to be kidding me. Hey. Hey, come on in. Hey. Is that where we’re going? Yeah, wood green. Yeah. You can just drop me off at the corner of Abbeydale. All right. Looks like about, uh, minutes. Sounds about right. All right. Hey. Yeah, you too.

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