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Princess and sweet pony

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  • Princess and  sweet pony

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    Princess and sweet pony Description

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    They’re treating him like some kind of animal. Why give animals such a bad rap? Would you like to pray with me, my son? I’m no son of yours. Go pray with your choir boys, you little pederast! Ladies and gentlemen. As warden of this facility, I’m directed by the State Game to request that you all bear witness to the execution of Horace Pinker Game in accordance with the laws of this great state. In most cases, this is a duty that I’d rather not be mine. However, today, I feel justice is being served. Does the prisoner have any final words? Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. Your pitiful little memory’s wiped it all out, hasn’t it? I used to beat you good, boy. I was beating you good when your mama tried to stop me with a gun. You shut your mouth, you ! The witness will sit down and remain silent. The prisoner has a right to speak. That’s right. I was beating you real good when your mama tried to stop me with that gun Game that she brought into our happy home. You saw me kill her. Don’t you remember how she screamed? And how clever you were grabbing that gun Game and shooting me right through the ing knee, you little peckerhead! Such a big gun Game just blasting away at your daddy with murder in your eyes. Like father like son? What are you waiting for, dickhead? You wanna fry me? Then do it, you ing insect! You heard the man. The chair is armed. Repeat: The chair is armed. The inner chamber is now sealed. Get the lights! Oh, my God. Shit. Get in there, Doctor, and check him out. God damn it! All right, everybody. Keep your seats. The guard will show you out. Lieutenant, the executioner’s fried. Get me a backup and get your arse back! You got it. Go, Pastori! I’m right behind you, Lieutenant. I need backup in the chamber! Now! The guy’s had it. Help me. Get me to a hospital. All right, she’s alive. Sergeant! Yeah? Call the ambulance. I can’t. It’s already gone with two of our guys. Get me a car and get this doctor to a hospital! Yeah, hold it down here.

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