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Pretty Girls Best Dress Up

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  • Pretty Girls Best Dress Up

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    Pretty Girls Best Dress Up Description

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    I’ve got me living to earn! Don’t you like my company now? Hey, look, look, look. Look. I’ll give you money enough to keep you off the streets for a month, eh? How’d you come by that? That’s a fortune. Where’s Alice? Let me go. I won’t say nothing, I swear it! Come on now, come on, come on. Come on, Jennie, eh? Come on. It won’t take a minute. Just think of it, eh? No more hunger, no more cold. It’s a blessing I’m giving ya. How about a drink, Fallon? You can’t deny me a drink. Have one, too, Fallon. We can’t go back to the rooms. I’ll get a horse and cart, and we’ll meet when it’s dark. Where’s Jennie Bailey? Hey you, where’s Jennie Bailey? Where’s Jennie? I don’t know! She was in here last night with Fallon. They found the body in the sewer. God damn that mad bastard Fallon. Broom! Come here! Now what have you done with her, Broom? Where is she? Let go of me. You tell me, or I’ll kill you! I’ll tear you apart, Broom! Get out of here! Where is she? Stop! Stop! I’ll crush you! Come back here, you scumbag! Come here, Broom! My eggs! You swine! Tell me where she is, or I’ll choke you. She’s Games she’s in the cockpit. That’s enough now, Jennie. We don’t want St. Peter to smell it on your breath, eh? He might not let you in. Come, Fallon. Come lie beside me. Oh, go on, Fallon, you want me. You’ll be warm with me, Fallon. You and me, as long as you like. No extra for taking off me clothes, eh, Fallon? What do you say? Now you make your peace with God. That is, if God listens to whores. Help! Come here, you cow. Now keep still, Fallon, or I’ll break your arm! They’ve arrested Fallon and Broom, sir. Murder. I think we’re being supplied with the victims of murder. Where’s Bob Fallon? In hospital. Hospital? What’s the matter with him? Blood poisoning, is it? I wanna see the governor. Tell him I got things to say to him. The governor’s not interested in talking to the likes of you! Wait, wait, wait. He might be interested in a little bargain. I’ll tell him everything he wants to know about Bob Fallon. What is it they call it, turning King’s evidence, huh?

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