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Pretty Fashionista Girl Super Makeover

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  • Pretty Fashionista Girl Super Makeover

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    Pretty Fashionista Girl Super Makeover Description

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    That’s a good sentence for Steve. Sometimes, I had the fee ing it is ike this. It meant a ot to him, a most everything. And we had a scene where we get out of the car after two hours of driving. Of course, you sweat. And the makeup man came, and put some water in my face, and hair. And he want to do this to Steve. And Steve said, no, no, no, no, no. He stepp in his car. He drove a coup e of rounds, got out of the car. He was sweating natura y. And he said, Siggy, ook at this. It’s swo en here, the vein. So that is the perfect thing. The makeup man can’t do this. It has to be rea. And Steve want it ike this. STEVE MCQUEEN: As an actor, if you get in the position to be ab e to have contro , or as a fi mmaker, you must carry your project. Carry it a the way through, to the end. That means you can’t give up. You can’t et a thing go. And nobody wi make a decision for you, and nobody’s smarter than you are. MAN: There was rea y no script. We were winging it. In the meantime, unti we got somewhat of a script, we were shooting just footage. Ho ywood is a formu a they ike, and they ike to stick to it. They want to have more of a ove story. My dad want cars and rea ism. MAN: You had a menta picture of a documentary, something that was pair down to give you the tota experience of what was going on. MAN: Peop e ike myse f fe t e Mans wou d make a great background for a dramatic story. That debate caus writers to come, and go, and take a shot at the script that wou d make sense. MAN: They were ca due ing caravans, because they were in up next to each other. Who cou d get the atest new script on Steve’s desk first? MAN: He was trying to write the great American nove when he was trying to write the script. And because the first sentence written was in the greatest sentence ever written, he cou dn’t get himse f to that point, putting it down on paper. MAN: Everybody that went to the box office back then said, oh, he’s going to win it. He’s going to win it. So et’s throw a itt e wrench in this. I’m going to give him something different.

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