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Pretty Fashionista Girl Makeover

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  • Pretty Fashionista Girl Makeover

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    Pretty Fashionista Girl Makeover Description

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    Pretty Fashionista Girl Makeover I got your message. Thank you. Miss Loretta. I’m so sorry to hear about the untimely passing of Deacon Johnson. I know what it’s like to have loved and lost. If there’s anything, and I do mean anything I can do to help, just let me know. Now, how many times have you used that line on a woman? I’ve said it plenty of times to plenty of women, Miss Loretta. But it’s the first time I’ve said it to a lady. Excuse me, she also has tickets to go see Dionne Warwick tonight. And no one to go with. Nobody. Dionne Warwick? No kidding. You know, my church choir just sang I Say a Little Prayer Game Hallelujah! If you’d allow me to buy one of these tickets Game No, no! You can have mine. Please. Take mine! Hey, hey, hey! I’d love to accompany you. How about it’s my treat? I mean, after all, That’s What Friends Are For. Looks like Miss “Whoreetta” is back in the saddle. Momentum had suddenly swung in the girls’ direction. And the guys were about to commit the first of many turnovers. Word on the street is, Kristen is trying to have a baby like right now, J. Right? Word on the street. Yeah. No, we’re both really excited about it. When you ain’t getting no game, let’s see how excited you are. You ain’t lying about that! “I don’t feel game right now.” You ready for fatherhood or what? Fatherhood’s gonna be awesome, Jeremy. Thanks, Big Mouth. I think Jeremy’s fears are somewhat justified. Think about it. How does a child raise a child? Zeke, really? Finally! You too, Mike? No, my frat brothers. Isaac and Terrell just got in town. These two are the biggest party animals I’ve ever met. Hopefully, they can contain you. ‘Cause you such a wild animal. Maybe you can find a water park. Chef. The tasting menu is exquisite. My friends and I, we thank you. It’s incredible. He has to say that. How about the rest of you? How about perfection? It’s amazing. Michel, a round of whatever it is they want. So, fellas, if you could spare your friend, I have a few minutes if you want a tour of the restaurant. Lead the way. I love Ratatouille. It’s one of my favorites.

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