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Preschool Best Teacher

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    Drinks! Me! Drinks! Me! If you want extra drinks, just tell them that chub told you all right! Give this selfie queen an extra ten points. Whoo! I want all the points! Whoo! Wait a minute! over there! What about me? How many do I get? Huh? Rosa gets extra bonus points! I love you, Rosa! . . Yeah! Uh-oh! . Mindy! ! And me? How many points do I get? Dance off! * yeah, yeah * yeah, yeah, yeah * yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah * yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah * * yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah * yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah * Did you see that babe last night? Which one? The babe-est. The one in the green sequined dress. Mmm. Mmm. She was not my type. Oh, I liked her a lot. I would give her minus points. Ah, you can’t minus points her. I gave her . Points? Mm-hmm. -How are we judging this anyways? I don’t remember who I gave points to or how many. Did we get laid last night? I doubt it. Are you sure? Mmm, % sure? And if we did, it doesn’t count since we don’t remember it. Good point. Yep. Not remembering is like it never happened. But wait, I don’t remember my babyhood, but I had one. Okay. Oh, man. I would love to get my jetpack blasted by that green dress babe. Mm-mmm, mm-mmm, mmm! What do you think? Unh-unh. She’s all yours. Boys! Get in here quick. Breaking news. Winners of this past weekend’s super lottery draw. We don’t really care about the news, dad. It’s kind of an interruption in our lives. It’s okay. We’ll, you’re gonna want to see this. Shh. K-dik major breaking news. We have our on-scene reporter Sandra Jackson at congressman Daniel t. Moorhead’s office Sandra, what’s breaking there? Thanks, Jeff. I’m here with congressman Moorhead and special agent Zoey Miller. Wow, Zoey Miller, can you explain these extraordinary circumstances? Well, I am not so sure they’re all that unusual. I am taking the congressman into custody for what is commonly known as “pay to play.” Okay. In this case, overt demands for money from his constituents in exchange for political favors. In short, extortion. Comments, congressman? Well, let’s be very, very clear about this.

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