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Precious Daughter Adventure

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  • Precious Daughter Adventure

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    Precious Daughter Adventure Description

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    Now we just waiting on you game So what it be, Chi? Yeah, yeah, whatever nigga. Look, I’m over here putting in work. I got this! I’m about to win! We got this! We got nothing! Every Fortune Company has signed The Peace Accord, ensuring that every person in the hoods of America of employment age is guaranteed a job, and I don’t mean minimum wage either. New hospitals and mental health facilities will be built by The United States Government. And finally, there will be a much- needed trauma center. On Chicago’s South side. Lysistrata, this is what justice looks like. We will now sign The Peace Accord. Peace is not the absence of war, but a new found love for one another. Your Johnsons brought you to the table but that truce is unstable. We need truth and reconciliation for the victims, the ones that live with this pain of loss and must deal with long term human cost. Chi-Raq game We are Mothers of the Hood. All have lost someone to this senseless war. There will be no birthdays for them. No first dates. No walks down the aisles. No tomorrows. Why the y’all got me on full blast? Why y’all trying’ to put me on front street? This is my Pam, she’s ten years old I don’t wanna hear that shit game Chi, please! One summer day, back when we lived in The Cabrini Green Projects, Pam was outside game jumping double dutch when they started shooting. She was shot through her left eye by a stray bullet. This was over twenty years ago and children dying from stray bullets wasn’t a common occurrence like it is today. Days later a young man came to my apartment. He begged my forgiveness, then he confessed to the police. Back then, it was a violation of the gang code to murder children. He knew game He knew that if he didn’t confess to me and the police that the gangs would end his life. And that man was your father. Jamel. Never knew him. Only heard stories. He got killed in prison when I was just a shorty. He tried to be a good man. You can be a good man. Be a good man. Be a good man game Be a good man game Be a good man game

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